Celebrate June's New Sports Council Members!

July 1, 2014

We're excited to announce that we had 4 new corporate members and 20 new individual members join the Nashville Sports Council in the month of June.  We'd like to thank and recognize those that joined our membership ranks last month!

New Corporate Members:

Jimmy Kelly's Steakhouse (ALL-CONFERENCE)

New Individual Members:

Harvey Allison (PLATINUM)
Allison Ambrose (PLATINUM)
David Bordenkircher (GOLD)
Julie Carter (BRONZE)
Tom Church (PLATINUM)
Gary Cooper (PLATINUM)
Jordan Cooper (PLATINUM)
Cory Cooper (PLATINUM)
Chris Fleming (PLATINUM)
Sam Hazen (GOLD)
Cliff Jenkins (BRONZE)
Greg McClarin (SILVER)
Skip Nipper (SILVER)
Greg North (PLATINUM)
Lawrence Schroeder (PLATINUM)
Michael Slukich (PLATINUM)
Dan Swatek (PLATINUM)
Alan Thompson (BRONZE)
Nathan Ward (GOLD)
Kyle Wheelock (SILVER)

Interested in joining our membership ranks?  Head over to our membership page!