2015 Pairings and Players

DICK'S Sporting Goods Collegiate Challenge Cup

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Pairings for stroke play on September 25th and 26th are below! Pairings for the 18-hole match play will be determinded live at the 2015 Awards Dinner and Match Play Pairing Party. Tickets for this event are available at the pro-shop. 

Team Rosters 

University of Alabama


Florida State University


University of Louisville

Head Coach: Jay Seawell


Head Coach: Trey Jones


Head Coach: Mark Crabtree

Asst. Coach: Jon Howell


Asst. Coach: Robert Duck


Asst. Coach: Aaron O’Callaghan

Player 1: Robby Shelton


Player 1: Jack Maguire


Player 1: Robin Sciot-Siegrist

Player 2: Davis Riley


Player 2: Bennett Baker


Player 2: JD Lehman

Player 3: Tom Lovelady


Player 3: Hank Lebioda


Player 3: Patrick Frodigh

Player 4: Jonathan Hardee


Player 4: Cristobal Del Solar


Player 4: Simon Zach

Player 5: Robby Prater


Player 5: Harry Ellis


Player 5: Hugo Esposito






Clemson University


University of Georgia


University of Tennessee

Head Coach: Larry Penley


Head Coach: Chris Haack


Head Coach: Jim Kelson

Asst. Coach: Jordan Byrd


Asst. Coach: Jim Douglas


Asst. Coach: Sean Pacetti

Player 1: Stephen Behr


Player 1: Lee McCoy


Player 1: Chad Merzbacher

Player 2: Austin Langdale


Player 2: Greyson Sigg


Player 2: Lorenzo Scalise

Player 3: Miller Capps


Player 3: Sepp Straka


Player 3: Juan Carlos Serrano

Player 4: Carson Young


Player 4: Zach Healy


Player 4: Jack Smith

Player 5: Bryson Nimmer


Player 5: Jamie Lopez Rivarola


Player 5: Mike Nagy






Duke University


Georgia Institute of Technology


University of Virginia

Head Coach: Jamie Green


Head Coach: Bruce Heppler


Head Coach: Bowen Sargent

Asst. Coach: T.D. Luten


Player 1: Jacob Joiner


Asst. Coach: Jay Calvo

Player 1: Adam Wood


Player 2: Vince Whaley


Player 1: Danny Walker

Player 2: Matt Oshrine


Player 3: James Clark


Player 2: Thomas Walsh

Player 3: Jake Shuman


Player 4: Chris Petefish


Player 3: Jimmy Stanger

Player 4: Alex Matlari


Player 5: Michael Hines


Player 4: Derek Bard

Player 5: Alex Smalley




Player 5: Nick McLaughlin






University of Florida


University of Kentucky


Vanderbilt University

Head Coach: JC Deacon


Head Coach: Brian Craig


Head Coach: Scott Limbaugh

Asst. Coach: John Handrigan


Asst. Coach: Ben Fuqua


Asst. Coach: Dusty Smith

Player 1: Sam Horsfield


Player 1: Tyler McDaniel


Player 1: Matthias Schwab

Player 2: Ryan Orr


Player 2: David Snyder


Player 2: Zack Jaworski

Player 3: Jorge Garcia


Player 3: Lukas Euler


Player 3: Patrick Martin

Player 4: Ryan Celano


Player 4: Jalen Ledger


Player 4: Will Gordon

Player 5: Gordon Neale


Player 5: Stephen Stallings


Player 5: Spencer Ciesla